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against it if it means that she loses her job i think she should have done that but i went to memoir about five years five six years ago i met her and she was already . determined that the ringers were not part of the the minimal area they were nothing to do with they were not memory people they couldn't have the status of being they would be stateless and she had no problem with that and i said all along it's going to be a major problem she has got a mind set that will not change and we're going again as a committee to marry him and then we're going to bangladesh as well to go and see the real situation and how britain is helping and helping a huge amount bangladesh could not cope with the number of refugees they have without britain's assistance and they're very grateful for it given you have these twin roles on the international development committee and the objects will come
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with what about the allegations that britain is involved in. co co production deals as it were with israel because israel is allegedly selling arms to about lately we don't know that i don't know that i hope will your committee be looking into british involvement in the because britain famously supported the military winter before arguably more in the chinese orbit we did but i think that again most of these things we look at again freshly every time some new committee formed we will look at these things and come up with a conclusion because things change is not always the same the whole of the time it's not the same now as it was two years ago so we have to look at things as they are now and reevaluate the situation probably made them back you coming up after the break. the father of this sixteen year old girl tells us why he thinks a camera saved his daughter's life. at the hands of british backed israeli soldiers
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and the grandson of a signatory to israel's independence on why britain and the united states continues to support israel which he accuses of colonialism oppression and the killing of innocent civilians. going on there with. a four page memo detailing extensive five zocor to be used change the course of what is known as russia gate also does the trumpet ministration syria policy make any sense and who's the real bully trump in the media. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go to the
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press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first sit. welcome back on the fifteenth of december u.k. back israeli forces allegedly shot fifteen year old mamma to me at point blank
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range in the head with a rubber bullet this video of his sixteen year old cousin had al-timimi film later that day is now viral on the internet. following a raid on her home by israeli forces ahead her mother and her cousin are all now in prison she could serve a seven year sentence after i.d.f. soldiers then confiscated the phone computer of a father bassam the grandson of a signatory to israel's independence me capello said has brought a mobile phone for him to use and we are joined by by some al-timimi from ramallah in palestine by sam thanks for joining us tell me about what is happening with your daughter and your wife. when she. was. at in my this image of this sort of you know.
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and. but with that. doesn't stop what do those believe and i was weaned. to put six months. of my lot in headley can do he and she can do all of this mighty me to three times when she. grow up when the who should take it in his hands and the group. who took. over the. one thing that the syrian soldier who should have let the mean. people come and go for that the idea will go to. many people say that's not a provocation over many years israel of course saying it is she that provoked the soldiers is the video showed i don't think there is a. motive brutish and. the
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going to. kill a lot of people. in the oven and genocide in precincts it's ninety not. what we should it's not another action against the coalition is to visit even though i don't say it's true the israeli military judge said that basically our head can be in prison for months when a military judge ok that. said she must be. as old now. i don't think it is like it has in the end is this big building a needle is lighted the main venue is up and they have the bow of not like to see the little diversion to know any brand new anything.
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i like to say is doing it well enough. to see. i don't mistake what is it good that they don't get who was there was talking wasn't the machine them to do what the institution say didn't. they can they're going to see the look and simeon booker didn't bloodlust the job because i think your sister died of course in the military. you were imprisoned for three years what about your worries for i had now i understand she was in isolation i am up by the minute by my wine is in the hands of my movies. i'm abroad as i have this strong deity who can face it in the indian given and given him a moment to get over this making we need. to be about his
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sin was she's strong but also she's a child in the hands of this war be any good at least in the me i need to meet. constituencies and those if they don't like the juice they continue and. then she will. others think of my mom. and my wife and all of the other thing that that is not just dogs in the prison these three hundred fifty jobs is theirs and it isn't good that we must do and we need to acknowledge and we in the coalition we wouldn't continue up. this time because we haven't played the question this continual level of life we need to be strong we need to strike you know we have a lot of freedom. in the region on. pro palestinian activists around the
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world may say you are being psychologically tortured along with your family by the defacto british backed israeli government zionists claim you are basically making propaganda videos the video of your daughter was deliberately trying to provoke israel and your daughter is being called shirley temper and this is the name pallywood in a in a reference i suppose to be the opposite of all you would have only one thing in this so just to come on but this is the. body what if they are not told them because they can see it's just the done they. want to show i have to push that. in the movie. this is needed this is. really good and i would hope the show isn't coming to our house. all the time we have that coming up that was going to rise above the level
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to show the world of the unity but to make it but there is little need to. be able to go on with them like. for them i need to make a plan was put in everyone and there will always be by you if you have you have if there had been no camera there what do you think would have happened i think she looked. like a lady how we should know how much was once a minute and. how they can then i'm indifferent to was definitely when they talk about the conversion they can sum up it was then it was a criminal this was. well bottom up to me thank you well the spike in violence in the occupied territories doesn't look set to come down on the us president donald trump wants to slash u.s. aid to u.n. relief programs in palestine i'm joined now by the grandson of
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a signatory to israel's independence the israeli special forces veteran mico pair led me guys thanks for joining us back on going on the ground we just heard from bottom up tell me me why do you support him and what do you think of how emblematic historias story is a story is it something that the rest of the world. is afraid to do which is that. we've got an issue here where palestinian a palestinian. soldier. to stand up to a man and a young woman. and this is turning everybody. that shot her then i don't think it would have had this conversation or actually maybe we would but the merits of the world probably would not have paid any attention to this because it's. being killed because she dared to stand. the
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whole world and particularly in israel. with the ground. shook everybody's in this in this. shop the young lady the young girl there to do this thing and say that the camera also saved her life i think that's a very likely that would've been a very likely scenario. and the fact that you know i think it's a point to pay attention to the details. we have a young lady. whose home was invaded by armed gang i mean they got uniforms in the army. invade her privacy invaded her home she not only pushed them to kick them out of the house and out of her backyard but also slapped the soldier on top of that i think every father who has a daughter a daughter you younger than her. daughter having faced the situation like that would be able to do it she did and i think. support of her.
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should reality. absolutely the fact that the camera was there i think is really important gangs a good as britain and the united states support those i.d.f. soldiers. well written in the united states also have been involved in such a colonialism and oppression and the killing of innocent civilians for. even before israel started doing it so obviously they have shared values and mentioned. over the last several years. hundreds of times countless relatives were killed and. of course none of this is ever ever. somebody stood up and happens to be ladies and the world turns turned upside down. it's the united states paying the relief of palestinians we pay the palestinians hundreds of millions of dollars and
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get no appreciation or respect which is why he is now i suggesting the cutting of u.s. aid to these un programs for refugees in palestine. well you know if they don't pay for the refugees are either. very happy to go back to palestine the only reason they're not going back often is because it does then. i think he wants to stop. that part of the solution the second part of the solution which must be. part of the solution is to allow them to return force israel to open its borders and allow the indigenous people people who still have the keys to their homes and their land return to their homes and then if you can you read billion dollars or four billion dollars a year that it receives from the united states to bring them in and help them and they receive to share in and help them to establish themselves back in there in their home so it's not it's a two part equation. where the u.n.
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relief and works agency has been saying that this is the worst crisis of most severe crisis in seventy years and could threaten the entire middle east. i think he's right there about trump donald trump. there's no question that the arse they are hurting the most the most vulnerable populations they're hurting the most vulnerable the poorest of the poor and they're not tour. people or they are poor because they're forced to do if you do you can by having been kicked out of their homes to begin with by israel and they don't want to stay there are quite happy to go back to these don't need. because they were kicked out of their home but just finally and briefly why do you think most mainstream media here in britain or in the nato nations is not interested in what you just had to say about the conflict and and certainly hasn't really been covering the story of. al-timimi who is of course now well i think. spirits demonstrate exactly that i mean i should not have
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had to push those soldiers out of our home and slap a soldier we should have been there the entire internet to michoud been a protector to protect our cousins to protect the family and to protect millions of palestinian children who have to put up with this kind of violence every single day now the fact that this is not being shown and it's not being reported on mainstream media because exactly that the arc of israel will not stand up to it and that forces young palestinians like or that to do this themselves it's a crime over a crime the first crime is that they were not there to begin with to prevent this from happening. and the second thing is there will only be reporting to show just how. and the lack of courage by the media and the rest of the world to stand up and protect the palestinian children from israeli aggression israeli terror. thank you for the show but we'll be back on wednesday to get to take a call when they were in peak oil on britain's role in the international arms industry as the u.n.
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reports thousands of dead or injured children in yemen until then you can keep in contact with us via social media with you on wednesday forty three years to the day of the attack on new york's financial district by put your week in independence activists and one hundred seventy years since the death of japanese socialist just so we could go. with a large applause. the wall so you will find you know one of the little bush. campaigning for thank you.
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gene. scott's. in the blue coats believe you'll be easy should resume the book stands. at the secret of the irish so you can you can. call it fine. harry eric one of the nine hundred there is that this was their your choice of a day to go to all kinds of crazy eyes yeah it sure did are experiencing a bit of a fall back. in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also
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requires actors with in the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at higher levels. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects . was was unlikely alter what i did was done on
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a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. to syria to talk all kurdish militia being trained by the usa the pentagon says it with want of the move which had this message for washington. america do nothing croce on our borders do not provoke us we will run out of patience. plus be careful what you say to class. if i documents claim the u.s. national security agency is using voice recognition software to spy on people. and germany's political deadlock could be broken after the social democrats agree to start formal coalition talks with angular merkel's party although it may leave the. party as the main opposition in parliament.
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you're watching live from moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. military operation against kurdish forces is entering its third day with chris tanks now moving into syrian territory it comes after the u.s. announces training kurdish militia to establish a new border force in the region. america has acknowledged that the two of its allies in the middle east are in conflict and the u.s. defense secretary said washington had been consulted about turkish operations with more. unbelievable is this real and nato member telling daddy you
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know i mean i mean come on behave yourself oral point a gun and am i exaggerating a bit mr aired on didn't say that these exact words but turkey's got a prime minister who pretty much did anyone who gives logistical support to the white b.g. is turkey's target for the record the white b.g. equals the kurdish army and for all these years who's been giving the kurds all kinds of support right. over the weekend the kurds were extended in all of branch that's what ankara calls its military op the kurds say they repelled an attack on sunday but where does that wipe e.g. get its guns. tapered on couldn't care less why washington's been helping the kurds to destroy eisel for this man the kurdish militias are no better than terrorists that explains his latest messages to america to us is in the process of creating
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a terror army on our border what we have to do is nip this terror army in the bud america do not encroach on our borders do not provoke us or we will run out of patience does anyone from the us government have anything to say we urge turkey to exercise restraint and ensure that its military operations remain limited in scope and duration and scrupulous to avoid civilian casualties some very restrained counsel there to be restrained think about it mr aired on rants that america u.s. officials don't hit back turkey rolls out the tanks flies out the war play sends soldiers over the border washington basically keeps after all this isn't about camp supply the squeak makes donald trump for one war so perhaps the turks and the kurds have succeeded in one thing together where. juicing america to baffled silence
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shortly after the us military command announced plans for creating an armed border force washington backtracked the u.s. secretary of state said the new us had no such plan and the situation had been misspoke trade however russia's russia's foreign minister thinks this is not one hundred percent true. comes of contradictions probably the recent u.s. announcement of creating an armed force along the syrian turkish border in fact america continues its actions to establish control of a parts of serious territory. in the meantime the u.s. scares the kurds away from the dialogue with damascus washington is encouraging separates a sense meant among the kurds there's been plenty of reaction coming from europe too on the conflict in northern syria germany's foreign minister has said any military confrontation carries a known risks while france has called for an emergency un security council session to be held later this monday we spoke with
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a four but turkish foreign minister who believes that despite all the warnings from turkey the u.s. has triggered this conflict. you know this was not going to our churches church wouldn't they were ok look. you can you should not. a mission to kill us group which is linked to the. injuries. but you know. using. excuses continue to. explode. rallies against the military operation have been held in europe in turkey demonstrators were met by a heavy police presence with of course the authorities used force to disperse the crowds at least twelve people have been detained there after scuffles broke out
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between police and protesters. now the u.s. national security agency is using voice recognition software to spy on people and detect their locations that's according to declassified documents obtained by the media jacking that picks up the story so. much. sure you can tell them. that i'm american and that. the n.s.a. however could do a lot more easily using my voice to identify who i am what language i'm speaking my gender and my dialect according to classified documents from the snowden archive the n.s.a. has been developing technology to identify a speaker using just their voice for years when sigint transcribers worked the same targets for a long time they sometimes can identify a certain individual in recorded conversations just by the sound of his voice and by his unique way of speaking this process was traditionally known as voice
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identification now rapidly improving technology is available that can do the same job mathematically the technology works by analyzing your voice is unique features to create an individual voice print and once the n.s.a. has that a single speaker can be almost instantaneously pinpointed even among massive databases now in two thousand and sixteen alone the n.s.a. corded more than one hundred fifty one million records of americans phone calls and that was after their bulk collection abilities were limited by congress so there's no telling how many voice print they could have at their disposal and theoretically a person could be instantly located and tracked down as long as a microphone is somewhere nearby and as edward snowden pointed out there's almost no escaping mikes these days i don't think anybody would. the police. so chase terrorists paedophiles who we don't talk you know just told. what we're talking about is everybody everything piece of data by everybody being
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collected scanned by software they look steve you and you could start talking to the people involved in very legitimate things like demonstration stroy x. even you know people who vote for the wrong way this was the government is considering another fear is that speaker recognition could end up discouraging people from speaking out it has the potential to unmask anonymous sources or tracking journalists or whistleblowers and according to the intercept this technology isn't only in american hands either it looks like interpol but european union and china have their own version as well among others so you can run but you definitely cannot hide and from collecting information to losing it the u.s. federal court has appealed the n.s.a. deleted data collected to illegal wiretapping carried out by the george w. bush administration the agency responded saying the data was removed to simply free up space on its hard drives the presidential surveillance program internet data
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most criteria that were broadly used to delete data of a certain type in response to mission requirements to free up space and improve performance of the backup system. the data in question was controversially collected after the nine eleven tragedy until two thousand and seven it was initially ordered by the court to be preserved for further examination but has now been raised along with the backup tapes the information was deemed important to a number of pending lawsuits a former n.s.a. director and whistleblower we spoke to says this sort of data tends to disappear far too often. it's a way of covering your backside so that when investigation started we get that they they just can't let that data be exposed that's all it's just more evidence of their criminal activity department of defense inspector general did the same thing with material against whistle blows even when the whistleblowers were in a court under under criminal accusation a criminal trial they destroyed evidence and it was only because it was exculpatory and they didn't want that out so now this is all deliberate even when they lie in
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front of congress or to the people the united states or even to the president or any of the cabinet it doesn't seem to matter there's no accountability here to be intelligence community is so much power i mean even senator schumer told the president that he shouldn't be attacking the intelligence community because they've got six ways to sunday to get back at you and these are the ways they do it. money doesn't talk when it comes to the u.s. congress which remained shut for a third day as congressman failed to come to a chill decision on the u.s. budget and while the public and democrats struggle to compromise the american public feel the pinch. america knows this is the trump shutdown my favorite still sure shutdown so let's get that nice little ring to it doesn't it senate democrats.


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